Before Reality Gays, there was the Dear Mattie Show!


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The Dear Mattie podcast was funny, sexy, thoughtful, and heart-warming. Keep the quality coming, Mattie.

Great - Inviting - Relevant

This is great stuff. you can literally just sit back, listen to the show and it brings you into the conversation...funny but also so true to life that its easy to see yourself or your friends in the story...gotta give it a try.

Good advice

Mattie is funny but I love how this show gets into deeper topics. Makes me think about my day and brightens it. Great for work commute.

Love That Southern Charm

I could listen to Mattie talk for hours! He's witty, he's charming, and he's laugh out loud funny. His guests seem very comfortable talking to him. I like the laid back feel of the show. I look forward to many more.

Hey Sugar Babies

Better use of 45 minutes than face-to-face therapy. Who knew time could fly so fast? Love the frank disucssion and fun approach to real-life problems.

Love it

Matt always has me either laughing or smiling. This is simply fun to listen to. Thanks for the laughs and advice Matt.

Witty and fun!

Great podcast! Interesting guests, relevant subject matter - Tells you like it is with a dash of Southern charm. Check it out!

Like having my BFF in the car with me!

Makes traffic problems melt away… uplifting and funny!


I wish I had a therapist nearly this caring AND funny.

Love it!

This podcast is great! They’re all insightful and at the same time hilarious. Matt is just so fun to listen to.

Love it!!!

Dear Mattie is the best! Great advice with added humor!

You Oughtta Use Rare Magical Outrageous Moments!

Love this! Matt is really funny, and shares a great rhythm with Lindsay.

Adorably funny show

Omg I love love love Dear Mattie. He is hilarious but still gives great advice. Interesting perspective. Feels like you're listening to a friend. A funny friend. More please!

Hot Stuff

The funniest man that I know. And the whip of a tongue can bring you to your knees in laughter! You better enjoy him or he will becoming after you and your children!! D

Too Funny!

Getting advice never sounded so good or so funny.

If I could put Mattie in a bottle...

...I'd carry him with me everywhere. But I have this podcast which is the next best thing! Love this guy and his show!!

Life changing.

This show is the reason God (or apple) invented Podcast!!! Great Stuff!

Your gay best friend telling you like it is

This host is super charming! I gave this podcast a shot on a whim and now I'm a subscriber. Mattie and his guests are telling you LIKE IT IS. So far it's hilarious, heartwarming and super helpful. Let me just paint a picture - I was doing some work around the house (tidying up, dishes, what not) and I had the podcast on in the background for noise. But this was totally ineffective! I had to keep stopping what I was doing because I was laughing or shutting stuff off to hear it better. Next I tried listening to the podcast on my commute to work. THIS is my suggestion for you listeners. I had a great day because I spent my whole car ride laughing. Mattie's joy is infectious! I have already sent in a request for advice on the show. I [staring at you - stone faced and glassy eyed] suggest you do the same.

So much fun!

It’s like listening to your best friend give some fantastic advice. Funny, charming and delightful!

a great listen!

This was an easy podcast to listen to — super laid-back, funny, friendly — I felt like I was in Mattie’s living room and part of the conversation! Def worth a listen. Can’t wait for more!

Very funny stuff

I gave this a try for this first time based on a friend's recommendation. Everyone should give this podcast a try. The funny is infectious!