The Dear Mattie Show

Your gay best friend telling you like it is

This host is super charming! I gave this podcast a shot on a whim and now I'm a subscriber. Mattie and his guests are telling you LIKE IT IS. So far it's hilarious, heartwarming and super helpful.

Let me just paint a picture - I was doing some work around the house (tidying up, dishes, what not) and I had the podcast on in the background for noise. But this was totally ineffective! I had to keep stopping what I was doing because I was laughing or shutting stuff off to hear it better. Next I tried listening to the podcast on my commute to work. THIS is my suggestion for you listeners. I had a great day because I spent my whole car ride laughing. Mattie's joy is infectious!

I have already sent in a request for advice on the show. I [staring at you - stone faced and glassy eyed] suggest you do the same.

Aug. 22, 2014 by Ravie13 on Apple Podcasts

The Dear Mattie Show