Before Reality Gays, there was the Dear Mattie Show!


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Soul moving!!

Yes I love this! So glad I migrated over and have a new show! Grateful to have you and this podcast!

Please come back!!


How did I go my entire life not knowing about this!!

Just getting caught up and OMG... Matty, I LOVE it PLEASE bring it back!!!!

Dear Mattie

Please bring dear Mattie back! During this pandemic we have a lot of issues to talk about!


Cant get enuff 4 sure! More more more girrrls

The best.

They are what I look forward to! They brighten up my Mondays. Seriously, nonstop comedy and joy. Love both of them.

Amazing delivery of the real deal!

I had to check out this podcast after attending PM18 and meeting the talented host in person. I have been listening to the episodes just loving the conversations, interviews and stories. Thank you for creating such a wonderful show and delivering in a way that is so easily consumable and very entertaining!

Keep going queen!

I love this show!

Love this!

I love listening to the thoughtful conversations between Matt and his guests. One of my favorite podcasts!

The right amount of everything!

Love this podcast! I look forward to every new episode. This show has the right amount of everything between moments that make me laugh and learn! Keep 'em coming!

Love it!!!!!

Sook Glad I found this podcast!

Great interviewer shows top notch

Matt does a great job with interviews. The guest feel like they've been Matt's friend for years

Fun and heartfelt

Great show! Enjoy the topics and chemistry between Matt and the guests. It's a fun show that also goes deep so a winning combination in my book!

The best!

Entertaining, insightful, so very witty. Love listening.


Truly funny guy, unusual mix of guests, like listening in on interesting friends' conversation.


Just discovered this and I'm LOLing on my commute. Download it now.

My favorite Podcast!!!

Whenever I'm having a hard day, I come home and listen to the Dear Mattie Show. He always makes me laugh. It’s my favorite podcast. I’m a huge fan.

Great new podcast!

Excellent show! Matt is funny and informative. A natural host.

Love It!

I love this Podcast! I love Mattie’s humor but also really love his ability to go deeper.

Great podcast - funny and charming!

I love Mattie's podcast - very down to earth, very funny, and good advice to boot!

come home to this

What a great find. The Dear Mattie Show. Warm, sincere, funny and kind, but SASSY! What a wonderful thing to come home to. Can't wait till the next podcast!

Great show!

Love me some Mattie. Such a great interviewer and I so great with guests. Do yourself a favor and download this podcast.

Kind, Smart, & Funny!

Being kind, smart and funny are, arguably, some of the most important qualities a person can possess. Mattie has mastered them all and they come through loud and clear in his show. Always informative while making you laugh, contemplate and empathize. Simply great.

Entertaining, funny yet deeply interesting

Matt Marr is a wonderful mix of funny, authentic and soulful. He is thoughtful in his interactions with his guests and brings out the best in them. Great mix of questions and thought provoking answers set in the midst of seriously funny banter. Matt's humanness is what I love about this show, and at the end of a long day when I just need to laugh, this not only hits the spot, but fills my heart.

Mattie is amazing!

I love this podcast! Mattie is hilarious and always brings on great guests. It's a great show not only because of the advice, but because of its light and funny tone. Love listening in my car or when I'm exercising.


Mattie is so cute and hilarious! Love him!


Great podcast for a drive to anywhere! Passionate host with hilarious, insightful guests.


Hilarious but also interesting. Great to listen on the way to/from work.

like a fine wine...

My husband and I listened to all five podcasts in a row while driving to and from the Berkshires this past weekend. Like a fine wine, it just got better and better over time. Each episode became more and more insightful into the issues at hand. This host has hit the mark, and is developing a legendary podcast. Listen to it!

Listen to this!

I love the blend of serious advice and personal anecdotes in this show. Matt's education and training allow him to provide thoughtful responses to listeners' questions and having friends chime in with their stories makes the situations more relatable.