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May 17, 2018

DMS 130: Denny Krahe and the Joy of Running

DMS 130: Denny Krahe and the Joy of Running

I mean, I think running is just running. Well, after this episode I think your minds will be changed sugars. 

I love doing this show because conversations with guests like Denny Krahe changes me. Denny is so passionate about running and the joy it gives him. It's opened up a perspective to running, that honestly I never thought of. Am I a full-fledged runner now? Nope, but I have been more active and more PRESENT when I work out because of Denny. So hopefully this happens to y'all sugars! Enjoy.

Find all things Denny on his website or buy his book, Be Ready on Race Day. I did!

Here are his socials: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


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