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March 23, 2018

DMS 126: Riana Milne and How to Get Past Your Childhood Trauma that's Holding Your Adult Life Back

DMS 126: Riana Milne and How to Get Past Your Childhood Trauma that's Holding Your Adult Life Back


My guest Riana Milne is NOT playing around. She has the expertise, the training, and the empathy to get to the heart of your troubled matters and sort it out. And I'm putting a lot of info in these notes--I normally don't do this y'all because it feels like too much. But I was just so damn impressed with this human that, if you are struggling, I want you to find help to find comfort and happiness in your life.

Riana is a #1 Best Selling author, Certified Relationship, Love & Life Coach for Singles and Couples, Certified Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Riana Milne (“The Life & Love Transformation Expert”), focuses on increasing a Client’s personal growth and self-esteem while improving their holistic health for mind, body, and spirit. She specializes in helping women and men of all ages through the impact of Childhood, Dating or Relationship Trauma and difficult transitions leading to overall Life Transformation and Successful relationships for individuals, couples and families in private practice for over 18 years in Egg Harbor Township, NJ and in Delray Beach, Florida.

Sugars!!! Riana Milne is really here to help. She’s not just saying that. Here are three ways to connect with her!

1) Read The Special Report - The Shocking Truth Why 9 out of 10 People Struggle in Life & Love - and How to Have the Love You Deserve - by going to -

2) She also has an upcoming Master Class - "Successful in Business but Struggle in Love?" going on Thur April 5th. Click HERE for info.

3) And remember Riana will give you ONE HOUR of her Time, a $500 Value - to go over where you are Struggling in Life & Love- and remember, she has both female and male clients, young and older, and straight and LBGT - so everyone is welcome to meet with her by SKYPE. Just apply at- - right on the pop-up form! Tell her your story - it goes directly to her, and she personally will reach out to you and set up an appt.

Sugars…Riana is all about service - and helping you to - Have the Life you Desire and the Love You Deserve!

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