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Nov. 10, 2017

DMS 114: Phil Svitek, Executive Producer from Afterbuzz TV

DMS 114: Phil Svitek, Executive Producer from Afterbuzz TV

I've often said I love podcasters because they are curious people who are just interested in learning more about others and life--THAT IS THE DEFINITION of Phil Svitek. He is a sponge, sugars.

After producing over 500 episodes for Garden Girl TV, Phil Svitek joined Underman / Omega Girl Productions in 2009. Managing all the company’s digital properties, Phil is currently the executive producer of AfterBuzz TV, the world’s largest online broadcast network, designated to producing live after-show content for popular television series. Having produced over 5000 hours of original programming with AfterBuzz, Phil is also the executive producer of Black Hollywood Live, the first online broadcast network with programming and content dedicated to African-American entertainment news. In addition, he produces ‘Conversations with Maria’, a digital talk series hosted by Maria Menounos. He also edited and produced the comedy feature, “Adventures of Serial Buddies”. Also, he's a real nice friggin' guy who wants to spread some good karma in the world.  Y'all know I'm down with that, sugars!

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