Before Reality Gays, there was the Dear Mattie Show!
Dec. 31, 2015

Dear Mattie Show 049: Cast of Travel Boobs

Dear Mattie Show 049: Cast of Travel Boobs

I love it when a gal creates smart, funny, and empowering things that women can relate to. I know, I'm NOT a woman, but boy, we gay men love it.  That's exactly what writer and producer Jamie Slater has done with Travel Boobs, a fantastic new web-series that will launch in the spring. For realz y'all-it's funny. Jamie casts my lovely friend Megan Heyn (Dear Mattie Ep. 33) and the savagely sweet Louise Bond. Yes, I know. She's British and her last name is Bond. Amazing. These three are superb as three bumbling friends on a road trip that's doomed to fail.

Also in this episode I had a PRODUCER!  YEEEESSSS A PRODUCER! Patrick Heyn, is the awesome artist who put together my website, podcast art, and basically anything you see my face on. And because he's married to Megan, he came with and I might have sound effects in this episode. And he brought all his fancy equipment and did things with levels. Cuz you, know...I don't really DO levels. He's kinda incredible and I think this episode sounds great. Let me know what you think. This was truly a dream show for me and believe me, I feel the gratitude as we move into 2016.  Happy New Year everyone.

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