Before Reality Gays, there was the Dear Mattie Show!
Jan. 23, 2015

Dear Mattie Show 022: Todd Ritz

Dear Mattie Show 022: Todd Ritz

I know, Todd Ritz has a great smile. He is such a wholesome Midwest fella though-n-though. I wanted Todd to do the show because he is one of those people who's optimism and joy is just plain contagious. I don't think this guy could EVER be in a bad mood. He's also obsessed with traveling and is a fantastic painter (seriously, it's really good, sugars). Topics include: I'm a Mom and my teenage son keeps wearing my clothes, is he transgender or just sassy? Is it fair that my boyfriend always wants oral sex but doesn't want to reciprocate? OMG, my boyfriend gave me a ring...and I HATE IT. Am I a Bridezilla?

You can see a video of Todd painting here:

Go to his facebook page to see more art:

Here's a couple of 'em!

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