Before Reality Gays, there was the Dear Mattie Show!
Sept. 11, 2014

Dear Mattie Show 007: Paul Gordon

Dear Mattie Show 007: Paul Gordon

Paul Gordon is just the sweetest, hunkiest teddy bear you ever did meet.  And I met him years ago, when I auditioned for Minute to Win It. And lo and behold, he cast me on the show!  Paul is a tough talking Philly native, but don't let those "F" bombs fool ya--this guy is all heart with some great insight.  Topics include: Should I talk about Sandamp;M Sex with others, how do I move on from a guy who broke my heart, and what to do when the happiness is just gone from my life. (I know, shit is gettin' real!) Paul also gives some great parenting tips and marriage advice. Love his smarts, love his heart, love his who-gives-a-fuck-attitude...I just love this guy!

We talked SOOO much that this will be the first of a 2-parter episode of the Dear Mattie Show.  Next Tuesday I'll post a special Dear Mattie-Behind the Mic, where Paul and I gab a little bit about one another's lives.  Hope y'all enjoy!

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