Ep 60 Jessie Evans, JT, the Tonys, and Harry Potter World

Mattie sits down with actor and foodie host, Jessie Evans. And they pretty much geek out...the WHOLE episode.

JessieEvans.jpgYou know how you have that ONE friend who will never make fun of you for geeking out so hard? That is Jessie Evans. She's an actor (a real good one, in fact) and we met on a Target commercial years ago. Yes the commercial where I sang with Justin Timberlake. We both love him, like omg, so much.

That said Jessie and I also get THANKFULLY sidetracked by your questions, and with our mutual love of musical theater, and Harry Potter. So I thought this episode would be PERFECT this week with the Tony's coming up on Sunday.

Also, Jessie is a hardcore foodie. So much show that she has created a web series of trying to find the right balance, as she says, of " caviar taste, and budget of a struggling actor, I try to do/eat it all." 

Jessie is pretty much a bottle of effervescent joy.  Just joy.

Find all things Jessie at  www.jessicaevans.net

or Jessie Eats Series at www.jessieeats.com 
Insta: @jessie_eats
Twitter: @jessieeevans



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