Ep 30 Ori Kalmus

I do NOT understand why Ori Kalmus is single. He's handsome, fit, great smile, a huge heart, and he gets an Apple discount. I mean come on, ladies! Oh, and he's on this weeks show!

ORI.JPGI mean, look at that picture. Don't you just wanna hug Ori Kalmus?! Okay maybe I have a crush on my guest-not the first time, won't be the last time sugars. But for real, what I love about Ori is that he strives to be better and to connect with others along his way. He is one of those friends that everytime I look at his Facebook status, he's starting some adventure that makes me think, "I WANT TO DO THAT!" Take a listen to this episode and get inspired. P.S. Ori might have one of the BEST answers to my Chatty Mattie question about Cooter Brown. Questions include: I have no kids but my husband and I are ALWAYS buying our friends kids' gifts...do we have to? Will I be single forever if I hate keeping up with the news? My twelve year-old son seems unmotivated to do anything, how do I get him motivated?


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