DMS 130: Denny Krahe and the Joy of Running

Usually, Mattie says, "Running....why?" But after talking to joyous running coach, Denny Krahe, Mattie is saying, "Running...why not sugars!?"

Me Holloway Half Bling.jpgI mean, I think running is just running. Well, after this episode I think your minds will be changed sugars. 

I love doing this show because conversations with guests like Denny Krahe changes me. Denny is so passionate about running and the joy it gives him. It's opened up a perspective to running, that honestly I never thought of. Am I a full-fledged runner now? Nope, but I have been more active and more PRESENT when I work out because of Denny. So hopefully this happens to y'all sugars! Enjoy.

Find all things Denny on his website or buy his book, Be Ready on Race Day. I did!

Here are his socials: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


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