DMS 139: Emily Pereira and Being OK with Being a Beginner

So you want to change your life, pick up and move to a tropical island? Who doesn't? Sounds hard. Nope. Not for Emily Pereira. In this episode, she serves some Truthtalk and the how to's to actually change yo' life.

Emily Pereira 2.jpg

Life coach, radiant woman, Mom, and badass surfer Emily Pereira is doing what we all want to do--leave our lives and live on the beach! Sounds impossible right? Emily thought so too and I love that in this show she breaks down how you can do it. 

Now I could leave you Emily Pereira's bio here y'all..but honestly, her story is better heard from you. So many women I know, I have no idea of what they want their life to be and when they get all the "things" they still find themselves horribly unhappy.  This show was nothing but continuous "ah-has" for me. I did look on Emily's website and I do love this nugget that she wrote to women she hopes to help:

"Even if you are in presently feeling hopeless, invisible, and like you’ve made horrible mistakes, I assure you that doesn’t have to be your future. A truly Radiant Woman lives deep inside you. When you know how to embody her, you become a magnet for all of your hearts desires.  Now certified to teach the same Spirit Nature wisdom that allowed me to change my life in so spectacularly I will show you the way… back to your light."

Y'all.  I'm not're crying. #ImCrying

You can connect with Emily here:

And y'all. HER RETREATS SOUND LEGIT! Here's the link to that if you're interested:


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