DMS 137: Shawn Pelofsky, star of her Stretch It Out Comedy Special!!

Y'all! Go watch Shawn Pelofsky's new stand up special, Stretch It Out! Get your ladies, your gaggle of gays, and laugh your ass off, sugars!


I truly love this person. Shawn Pelofsky is one of those fearless female comics who refuses to be anyone but herself. A fellow Okie with the heart of your grandma and also the same dirty mouth as my grandma, Shawn is one of those comics who, after you see her set, you feel like she gets you. She's not making jokes at you--she's making jokes with you.

I'm so proud of her stand up specials, and sugars PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT and watch. I promise you will laugh--and sugars we all need a great laugh right now.

Here are all the places you can see Shawn's show:

Google Play:
Microsoft XBOX:
And here is Shawn's website:
Check her stand-up dates--she could be coming to your city, sugars!

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