Dear Mattie Show 92: Lauren Singerman, Dano Madden and their "Precious Cargo"

Lauren and Dano are funny, creative and adorably in love AF. They are also the creators of the hilarious webseries, Precious Cargo.

lauren and dano.jpgWhat do you do if you're working as a tutor for really rich entitled Upper East Side kids?

You make a comedy about it.  Truth really is comedy and I'm so happy Lauren Singerman, along with her husband Dano Madden, took her stories of tutoring and made them into Precious Cargo.  I'm not going to go on and on about how funny this show is because I do it during the show.  But sugars, watch it. You won't believe what some of these kids do.

Currently, the show is on the online network, Seed and Spark.

So follow this link, mention Precioius Cargo, and get 3 months FREE to Seed and Spark!

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