Dear Mattie Show 63: Meg Le Vu, Burnout, and Your Tinder Profile

Mattie is going rogue and doing a podcast in a hallway at a podcast convention, thankfully Youtuber host Meg Le Vu, is crazy enough to hang with him.

Me Le Vu.jpgMeg Le Vu (I love saying her name!), is the host of GET IN THE LAB, a youtube series that she loves doing to help people across the world get their message out on web video. Put simply, Meg is a do-gooder, kinda like me so I think we bonded about that. This was a fun quick show I taped in a hallway at a podcast convention--I've done WORSE in hallways, sugars!

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Also, on Wed. June 27th my good friend Dawn McCoy is launching her OWN PODCAST, called Dine and Dish with Dawn.  Subscribe and take a listen at



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