Dear Mattie Show 113: Mike Domitrz, Sexual Consent, & How Standing up for His Sister Changed His Life

This is the show everyone needs to hear. Every parent, Every teenager, Every person. Changing sexual assault in your community begins with YOU!

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Mike Domitrz is one of the leading experts for transforming our sexual culture to one being built on consent and respect. For over two decades, educators, military, families, colleges and individuals of all have sought out Mike and his impactful programs and speaking engagements. You may have seen him as the featured expert on Dateline NBC's "My Kid Would Never Do That."

GET MIKE'S BOOK THAT I LOVE!!! Everyone; people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds, need to hear the challenging and life-changing message in his book, Can I Kiss You?

Mike is also the host of The Everyday Mindfulness Show - Dive into fun, thought-provoking, and engaging conversations on everyday mindfulness – from meditation to spirituality to personal passions to success and failure to relationships and much more. The show features special guests and a unique cast of over 70 individuals who are known to stop by and join the vibrant conversation each week.

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