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What Happens when you Stop Ignoring Facebook Comments

Jun 16, 2015

So I just got into one of those Facebook arguments with someone back home who posted a joke about Caitlyn Jenner comparing her to a dog, sinner, hell, blah blah. I know I shouldn’t have engaged. And I tried for a good 20 mins I tried, but at the end of the day they just called me a liberal who is Godless. I felt duped and a lil’ hurt because I just wanted them to build some empathy for others, not change their beliefs. And even though I know it’s BS, the things they say still trigger painful memories of hearing that crap in my childhood.

But then I thought of a friend from back home, that I’m pretty sure is trans and I pictured them reading my comments and taking in my words. I see the hard life that they have managed to build without the support of their family and some friends. I imagine very few people talked back for them. Very few people reasoned with others for them. Very few people stood up for them.

Let’s change that.

Even though it was hurtful for me to engage, because it always brings up old feelings of being younger, it was worth it. It takes me 5 mins to get past the pain.. But the voiceless and bullied, they can’t get past it because they have been surrounded in pain their ENTIRE lives, and many won’t be able to get past it. I remember KNOWING my friend in middle school felt alone, but PARALYZED to stand up for them because doing so would out me as an ally and probably cause me to be made fun of when I was just starting to fit in.

But I’m an adult now, so I can talk back to those yelling at me. I can reason with the unreasonable. I can stand up for my friends who can’t.

Think about your life. Who can you stand up for? If you see that post/comment on Facebook, instead of rolling your eyes, let them know they are wrong. They are hurting people. When you know better you do better. Be a voice to the voiceless, because we aren’t victims, we’re just usually feeling alone. It’s ridiculous to think someone who’s body size, gender, sexuality, race, disabilities, religion, or even opinions, causes them pain and judgement from others. The American dream is dead for these people because, you can’t stand up for yourself when no one gives you a floor to stand on. So can you stand up for them? It’s my hope and belief you will. -Mattie



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